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Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre has and continues to work with a wide range of talented artists, facilitators and technicians. This is not an exhaustive list and we thank all the people we have been fortunate enough to work with.   

Jenny Ecke – Funk, The Meal, 5th Province,Fulcrum, Tost, Questions of A Man: Dancer & Co-Creator 

Andy Garbi – Fulcrum, The Meal, 5th Province, Anseo, Tost: Composer and Vocal

Tim Feehilly – Fulcrum, 5th Province, Tost, Questions of A Man: Lighting Designer 

Paddy Mc Cann – Tost, Anseo: Visual Artist

Vasiliki Stasniaki – Funk, The Meal: Dancer

David Ogle – The Meal: Dancer

Emma Jordan – The Meal, Tost, Questions of A Man: Director/Dramaturg (Prime Cut Productions)

Seamus Harahan – 5th Province: Visual Artist

Namiko Gahier-Ogawa – Funk: Dancer

Rita G Pinheiro – Funk: Dancer

Eithne Kane – Funk: Dancer

Dina Marter – The Meal: Visual Artist

Mona Elthawey – The Meal: Journalist and Social Commentator

Gary O’ Daly – Funk, The Meal: Technician 

Dan Egan – The Meal: Lighting Designer

Matt Curry – Film Maker

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