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Contemporary is a style that has developed over many years and is the bed rock of the work of Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre. The class is open to everyone over the age of 16.


Contemporary was originally a reaction against the restrictive styles in Classical Ballet and the type of movement we explore in our contemporary classes has been described as “gentle movement to music”.


The classes are designed to offer new and interesting forms of movement, to challenge your preconceptions, to push your movement boundaries and help develop co-ordination, balance and core strength.


This class is danced in loose clothing and bare feet, it has elements of yoga and Pilates in it and does not require a partner.

AUTUMN TERM 2017 | 10 Wks

Workshop location: Lakeland Forum

Time: 11:00-12:00

Date: Monday 18th Sept- 27th Nov  Please note: No Class on the 28th September

Tutor: Anna Treanor

Check prices and book spaces via our online shop ​


Please Note: The Cost is £30 for the 10 week programme however if you cannot make the class regularly please talk to us about agreeing a cost.  


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