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Questions of A Man

Artistic Director:

Dylan Quinn

Devised and Performed by:

 Dylan Quinn and Jenny Ecke

Music Composition: 


Visuals and Set Design:

Dylan Quinn

Lighting Design

Tim Feehilly

You can read two reviews of Questions of A Man via the following links: Michael Mc Kinney review  Alan in Belfast review 

What does it mean to be a man to 2020 ? What impact does dominate masculinity have on our society? How does one man question his own behaviour? What are the things that we as men are blind to and how do we change this? 


These are among the ‘Questions of A Man’ that the latest work from Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre addresses, supported by National Lottery and public funding through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.  


“Gender equality is a debate driven by the questions of women,” says DQDT Artistic Director Dylan Quinn.  


“But it’s the behaviour of men, conscious and subconscious, that creates and sustains the imbalance.  


“In ‘Questions of A Man ‘, I present one man’s process of questioning himself and the privilege society offers him by the random accident of his gender.”


The production, the third between long-time collaborators Dylan Quinn and Jenny Ecke, allows the dancers and the audience to explore challenging issues in a performance and experience that is both engaging and emotionally powerful. Questions of A Man takes a new approach for DQDT utilising a wide range of artistic forms to challenge the audiences perception of contemporary dance performances in and from Northern Ireland.   


Gilly Campbell, Arts Development Officer for Drama and Dance, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, commented, “Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre presents original and professional dance experiences that place social issues and themes at the heart.  The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is delighted to support this new production which demonstrates the power of the arts in exploring challenging issues and stimulating discussion.” 

Questions of A Man was presented at The Lyric Theatre Belfast February 2018



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