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Dylan Quinn


Dancers & Advisors:

Jenny Ecke

Dylan Quinn



Andy Garbi


Lights & Sound:




45 minutes

Click here for further information and tickets to our performance of Fulcrum: On the Irish Border.

Reviews of 'Fulcrum' performance at Dublin Dance Festival. Project Arts Centre, May 25th.

"Quinn and Ecke constantly engage in a focused and concentrated interplay and a subtle rhythm is achieved, all of which is set against Garbi’s excellently haunting soundscape. Together they craft some incredibly powerful images of dependency, of the need for and resistance of the other, of the terror, tenderness and violence, the longing and exhaustion at the heart of their constant power shifts and struggle"

The Irish Examiner

" offers a clever exploration into the symbiotic relationship between oppressor and oppressed, as well as a riff upon themes from Beckett’s entire oeuvre. When Quinn leads Ecke – or Ecke leads Quinn – it resurrects Molloy and Mercier and Camier, while the minutely unsynced choreography in the show’s final third is a tribute to the failure of concurrence that defines much of Beckett’s work.

Ultimately it’s a well-worked response to one of Ireland’s best-known writers, as much as it is to one of his more obscure works. A catastrophe it is not."

Stephen McDermott, No More Workhorse

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Created through collaboration between dancer/choreographer Dylan Quinn, dancer Jenny Ecke and composer/singer Andy Garbi, Fulcrum has been inspired by some of the themes and the context of Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Catastrophe’ and its relationship to Vaclav Havel.

The piece explores the complexity of dependency, control and shifting power balances in a macro context whilst also demonstrating how this affects the micro world we live in. It seeks to touch on the fragile balance of control as well as the insidious nature of power.

Physically and audibly, the piece focuses on honing and concentrating movement and sound to reflect the issues and context, whilst challenging the artists to be truthful and creative.

The three artists have worked closely together to develop highly considered movement and music that stems from a deep exploration of the themes and context. The performance is a combination of vocal pieces, breath chanting, highly orchestrated music and intricate, concentrated and emotionally charged movement.

Fulcrum is part of the development of a body of work by Enniskillen company Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre, which seeks to establish this rural based company as one with an interesting voice and something unique to express.

Press Quotes:

“In particular, Dylan Quinn’s studio sharing of ‘Fulcrum’, a piece dealing with power structures and inspired by Samuel Beckett’s ‘Catastrophe’, is an assured work that displays integrity of purpose”, Dublin Dance Festival Blog

“Enniskillen-based choreographer Dylan Quinn has a considerable back-catalogue, but Fulcrum, which he performed with Jenny Ecke, feels like a new departure. Whereas his previous works might have been carried along by the rhetoric of their subject matter — like violence or human trafficking — Fulcrum relies on the simplest interactions between the two performers to explore dependency and the ever-shifting power of relationships. Set to Andy Garbi’s excellent score, the two dancers’ bodies balance together like precarious sculptures as they manoeuvres around each other in a constantly evolving duet that was utterly compelling.", Irish Times; Michael Seaver



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