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Dylan Quinn

Dancers & Advisors:
Eithne Kane, Jenny Ecke, Namiko Gahier Ogawa, Rita Pinheiro, Vasiliki Stasinaki, Dylan Quinn

Various artists compiled by Helen Sharp

Lights & Sound:
Gary O’Daly & Becky Gardiner

1 hour


‘FUNK’ was created in 2011 and is presented by 6 incredible dancers to a wonderful mix of classic and contemporary funk music.


The performance takes place in an open performance space with out seating.   The dancers move amongst the audience appearing and disappearing at various points.


The performance is suitable for a wide range of venues and occasions and has proved particularly popular with festival audiences.


FUNK was first presented at the Absolut Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2012.  


You can view a trailer of the production by visiting our youtube channel and images are available on the website and the facebook page.  


FUNK was originally made possible as a result of support from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


Watch 'FUNK' performed at Belfast Harbour's Commissioners Office, 2011.

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