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My Grandfather's House

Artistic Director:

Dylan Quinn

Created and Performed by:

Dylan Quinn

Sound Installation: 

Andy Garbi

Written by:

Dylan Quinn

Set Construction:

Jon Kelly

Production Manager

Christine Clark

Two men. Grandfather and Grandson. One born 1919. One born 1974.


‘My Grandfather's House’ tells a uniquely intimate and local story. 

From 15th July - 30th Quay Lane, Enniskillen with nightly performances @ 7.30pm and limited matinee performances at 2pm. 

Only 4 tickets per performance. Booking is available here via the events page.

This unique immersive event will take place in 2 parts: a performance presented daily and a sound installation which will be presented immediately prior to the performance. The sound installation will also be open to the public between performances on selected dates details on this are provided at the bottom of this page.


Traversing the innocence of childhood memories from deep within his Grandfather’s House, juxtaposed against the chaos of the troubles in Northern Ireland during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Fermanagh based choreographer and performer Dylan Quinn explores his experiences of growing up in a place of conflict. 


 “And they started bombing us, and they bombed us all the way towards Malta, heavy bombing it was, very terrible heavy bombing. Never seen as much black air in the sky in all my life.”  Brendan Burns, Irish man and Royal Marine 1935 – 1949.


Recalling the horror of witnessing explosions as a young boy, to the playful joy of the 1989 St Joseph’s Christmas Concert and on to the classic days of the Vintage, this highly personal creative reflection will recall the reality of growing up in this place we call home and ask us to consider its future. 

Audiences will be transported back to 1970’s Belmore Street in a performance space specially constructed by Jon Kelly. Through theatre, movement and music the audience will interact and be engaged by the memories and experiences that are shared. 


Working with composer, vocal artist and long-term collaborator Andy Garbi, to curate a companion sound installation, there will be space for the audience’s own private contemplations whilst sitting within ‘My Grandfather’s House’.

‘My Grandfather’s House’ is supported by the National Lottery via the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Reconciliation Fund Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Experience Enniskillen. The performance was originally developed through a Commemoration Attachment at the Abbey Theatre/Amharclann na Mainistreach.

Sound Installation dates and times:

Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd July between 3.45pm -5.30pm

Thursday 27th - Sunday 30th July between 3.45pm -5.30pm

Price:                     £5.00. Pay at the door


Recommended Duration:     15 minutes 

On arrival the Front of House volunteers will guide you into the space 

Only 4 people will be admitted at one time so please be aware there may be a short wait before you can access the space.




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