Welcome to the DQDT Dance and Well Being lesson programme. This purchase is for lesson 2 which includes 3 songs:


Don't Call Me Up

Dance Monkey 

Con Calma 


PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this item you will receive notifcation to download a digital file. This file will provide you with a private link to access the video, please use this for your own personal usage. 


This video has been created to help you learn the dance sequences that we do as part of the our (Zumba) Dance Fitness classes. In the video I teach three dances, and one short cool down.  


These lessons are designed to help new members of our dance family learn the routines and it is also available for regular attendees to dance at home in their own time. There is £5 change to have access to the classes and they will be available for one month from the date of purchase. 


These routines are a combination of Zumba, FitDance and sequences we have created ourselves.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us admin@dylanquinndance.org 028 66328686 Please ensure you have suitable space to dance, appropriate clothing and footwear. If you have any health issues, injuries or concerns please consulate your Doctor before undertaking exercise.

Zumba Dance Lesson 2