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5th Province

Dylan Quinn

Dancers & Advisors:
Jenny Ecke, Anna Kazuba, Lucia Kickman, Keir Patrick, Dylan Quinn

Andy Garbi


Visual Artist:

Seamus Harahan



Gráinne Maher

Lights & Sound:
Tim Feehily

The 5th Province is a conceptual piece, creating a provocative space for participating performers and audiences to explore multicultural, social and political identity in a changing society.

Evolving from the earth and set in a mythical place, where the past is acknowledged but does not determine outcome, The 5th Province is a dynamic contemporary dance performance, a collective dialogue and a cultural platform for the expression of thought, ambition and hope for the island on which we live.

The award-winning company brings together the collaborative talents of five international dancers; leading visual artist, Seamus Harahan; one of Ireland’s most recognised fashion designers, Gráinne Maher and prized composer, Andy Garbi. Collectively the creative team and performers provoke discussion about a time and place beyond physical geography, a place rooted in the individual.

The notion of a 5th province, also known as Kingdom of Mide or The Middle Province, has its roots in ancient Irish legend and folklore and was believed to have occupied the space between Ulster in the north and Leinster in the south. Philosophers Richard Kearney and Mark Patrick Hederman in their controversial publication The Crane Bag later appropriated the term – a cultural and political journal published between 1977-1985. More recently, the first female President of Ireland, Mary Robinson reflected upon the ideals of such a place during her term in office from 1990 – 1997.

Whilst devising the piece, Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre worked closely with Community Dialogue (Belfast), initiating a series of discussions and debates with a broad range of community leaders to explore the changing nature of identity in contemporary Northern Ireland.


Press Quotes:

“Dylan Quinn remains a hugely inventive choreographer and dancer – someone who makes movement into something like conceptual art. Here the rules are remade and bodies become instruments of emotion. Rousing and delicately-wrought music by Andy Garbi, an exquisitely dark and moody set by Seamus Harahan and minimal costumes that draw attention to each curve of the body by Belfast designer Gráinne Maher all add to what is a provocative, daring and thoughtful work by one of Northern Ireland’s most innovative and post-modernist choreographers.” Joanne Savage, Culture NI

Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.


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