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The Meal

Dylan Quinn

Dramaturgical support:

Emma Jordan

Dancers & Advisors:
Jenny Ecke
Vasiliki Stasinaki
David Ogle
Dylan Quinn

Andy Garbi

Lights & Sound:
Gary O’Daly & Conleth White

1 hour approx

The Meal engages wonderful artists and social commentators from across Europe and the Middle East in an exciting and challenging high quality physical theatre performance.

Four performers (Jenny Ecke, David Ogle, Vasiliki Stasinaki & Dylan Quinn) physically and virtually indulge in a rich mix of food, movement and exploration with 2 inspiring individuals from Cairo and Gaza. Via a series of personal, intriguing, engaging and revealing stories combined with movement, text and music  the performers seeks to provoke, question, stimulate and inspire.

Performed around a unquie 10ft table the audience, almost intruding sits close by creating an intimate and intriguing affair.


Click here to view a small clip from this production at the MAC Belfast.


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