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The Cairn

Artistic Director:

Dylan Quinn

Devised and Performed by:

Dylan Quinn

Music Composition: 

Andy Garbi

Written by:

Garlo Gebler and Seamus McCanny

Production Manager

Christine Clark

“The Cairn”    Enniskillen Castle 21-23 March 2024

You can’t build the future from the past


Tickets available via our events page here

As the sun sets on 3 nights, the names of the dead are read, each commemorated with a stone in The Cairn. 


Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre originally presented this specially commissioned, intimate physical theatre durational performance in May 2021,  in the unique setting of Pollnagollum Caves, Boho. In March 2024 Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre will work with Enniskillen Castle Museums to present The Cairn in the grounds of the Castle from the 21-23 March 2024.  

The Cairn was written by Carlo Gebler and Seamus McCanny, devised and performed by Dylan Quinn.  The performance builds on the company’s existing portfolio of work that seeks to explore issues relevant to our past, present and future.


Writer Carlo Gelber said, “The Cairn is a dance piece, an art piece, and a theatre piece, an index of our dead, which memorialises the names and final moments of everyone killed in Fermanagh and its hinterlands between August 1920 and August 1921, during the the War of Independence. 


“The list is long. The lives cut short are many and there is nothing to celebrate”. 


Artistic Director Dylan Quinn said, “The Cairn is a reflection on our past, an opportunity to consider who we are and who we want to be. Our creative voices play a vital role in helping us explore our human experiences and enable us to consider more creative solutions to the challenges we face. 


“The Cairn has been created to provide an intimate exploration of a specific period of time in our history and to reflect on its impact through a physical, emotional and creative investigation.”

Over the past challenging 12 months, Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre has continued to deliver creative projects, presenting 2 festivals, an ongoing health and well-being programme, whilst touring the company’s acclaimed performance Fulcrum in Germany. Artistic Director Dylan Quinn is currently working on a new live theatre production, Rough Girls with the Lyric Theatre Belfast, and has recently been awarded a commemoration attachment with the Abbey Theatre Dublin. 


The original commission of The Cairn was been funded by The Arts Council for Northern Ireland and made possible with support from The Department for Foreign Affairs.

Some reviews from recent performances of The Cairn:

‘Raw, physical, sad reflection on our own history. Thought provoking strong performance’.

“Powerful and moving tribute to all those who fought and died on both sides’

‘It was strong, physical, sad to hear the list of wasted lives and that was only 1 year in 1 small area. The Cairn was constructive and positive- a memorial.

‘Life is life, death is death. Poignant, powerful and moving. Importance of respecting, remembering, honouring our dead’

‘I found it both mesmerising and moving. Also very interesting’

‘It’s an experience you will never forget’

‘ Very thought provoking and very moving. A beautiful memorial/monument built through the performance’

'Well worth buying a ticket - powerful and sombre''




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