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Please Note: As of January 2021 Zumba Dance will be operating through a new website If you click on this link you will be able to access the class as normal, including a new programme of Strong Nation classes.  

DQDT has been delivering Zumba classes since it first arrived in Northern Ireland and we run regular classes in Enniskillen and beyond.  At this current time we are working to ensure we can continue to provide our community with safe access to our dance classes. We will be working in accordance with Fermanagh Omagh District Council Guidelines and please review their procedures here. We are working to ensure our activities are COVID Secure. 

During the COVID-19 public health emergency we moved our classes online. We are now transitioning back to live classes whilst also seeking to continue to provide access via our online platforms. You can find details of all of our live and online classes via our website shop just click here

We are up dating our classes on a regular basis and are currently running Zoom only classes until the end of August. We will return to live classes on the 7th of September (please note there is a possibility we will return on the 2nd however we have not received confirmation of space availability just yet). 


In order to attend a Live class you must book in advance as we have a limited number of spaces available. Please note that if you book in advance for a Zumba class and are unable to attend we are unfortunately unable to return any payment received. 

If you are new to Zumba and wish to give it a go but feel like everyone else knows the moves? Well you are not alone and we hear you. So to help you we have created some online streaming lessons that will teach you the steps to some of our routines. In addition on a Monday we do every song twice to help you pick up the steps. 

The class we deliver are charged at various rates in relation to access. The live classes are £6, the zoom classes are £5 and the streaming classes vary depending on length and content and you can find details via the website shop.  

ZUMBA FOR NEWBIES (every song twice)

Workshop Location: West End Community Centre/Zoom

Time: 19.30 - 20.30pm

Dates:   Monday 

Tutor: Dylan Quinn

Cost:  £6 for live - book in advance. £5 for online access.


Workshop Location: West End Community Centre/Zoom

Time: 19:00-20:00

Date: Wednesday

Tutor: Hannah Quinn/Dylan Quinn

Cost: £6 for live - book in advance. £5 for online access.

Workshop Location: West End Community Centre/Zoom TBC

Time: 18:30-19:30 

Date: Friday

Tutor: Dylan Quinn/Hannah Quinn

Cost: £6 for live - book in advance. £5 for online access.


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