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Anything to Declare

Programme Director:

Dylan Quinn

Created and Performed by:

Andy Garbi

Róis (Rose Connelly) 

Róisín Loughrey

Dylan Quinn

Production Manager

Christine Clark

“Anything to Declare” is a creative arts project produced and delivered by Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre taking place between 25th and 27th July across a range of sites in the village of Swanlinbar located in County Cavan and bordering County Fermanagh.   

This inventive thought-provoking project involves the commissioning of four artists presenting five complimentary/unique pieces of work.  Composer and Musician Róis (From Ached Gé), Film Maker Róisín Loughrey (Manorhamilton based but originally from Dublin), Composer and vocal artist Andy Garbi (From the Midlands of England of British Himalayan descent) and Choreographer and Dancer Dylan Quinn (Enniskillen born Artistic Director of Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre) are presenting a two hour event encouraging audiences to move throughout the village of Swanlinbar and observe a collection of work through a range of artistic mediums. 

Bookings are now available.

This is the second phase of the project (see 'Anything to Declare' Residency for the first phase) involves the exciting commissioning of artists who will be presenting their work in a variety of creative spaces throughout Swanlinbar. 

Dylan Quinn, Programme Director explains, “Anything to Declare” brings highly acclaimed artists in their respective disciplines together in a rural location to deliver a memorable performance.  Their brief is to create space through a range of audio, visual and performing arts disciplines to generate conversation and encourage reflection of this particular place.  


The project encourages reflection on the border between the north and the south of Ireland. The border which has defined this island and particularly the border lands of the island since 1921. It continues to be contentious, there are those who want it, there are those who don’t, there are those who couldn’t care less and there are those who have as yet to settle of a defined position.  

The commissioned artists will be undertaking their creative process to produce their own reflections on the existence and impact of the border; socially culturally, politically, emotionally, geographically, naturally.  


Over three nights a unique multidisciplinary performance will take place throughout Swanlinbar. Audiences will be guided as they move and weave their way through the village on the evenings of the 25th, 26th and 27th experiencing a series of creative performances and installations. The audience will experience a 21 minute dance, a 21 minute audio visual performance, a 21 minute compositional presentation, 21 moving images to be explored at your own pace. This also includes a border installation.

Thursday 25th July 19.00-21.00

Friday 26th July 19.00-21.00

Saturday 27th July 19.00-21.00


Meet the Artists

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