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Baby Boogie 

Baby Boogie 


What happens at Baby Boogie?

Parents and babies can discover the delights of dance and music and at the same time have precious social time together. Baby Boogie is all about following your child and providing them with positive reinforcement of their behaviour and movement. Baby Boogie is not a teacher lead class rather it is about DQDT providing the space encouragement and some examples for how parent and child can have positive physical creative interactions.


Baby Boogie Club Rules

  1. What happens in Baby Boogie Club stays in Baby Boogie Club.

  2. There are no dance rules in Baby Boogie Club (apart from no biting, scraping or tripping up in Baby Boogie Club)

  3. Baby is the dance boss in Baby Boogie Club, adults copy

  4. There is no teacher in Baby Boogie Club

  5. There are no set dance moves in Baby Boogie Club

  6. When you leave Baby Boogie Club you absolutely must talk about Baby Boogie Club

  7. Friends you make in Baby Boogie Club will be your dance buddies forever

  8. Please come again to Baby Boogie Club

  9. Please let the secret Baby Boogie Club members know what you like or don’t like about Baby Boogie Club.

Venue: Currently not operating

Time: Currently not operating

Cost: £5 per child, (additional children half price and if siblings are under 1 they go free!!!

Pay at the door.

Dates: Currently not operating

Fruit and water provided.

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