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As part of DQDT’s Youth Dance participatory programme we are seeking an experienced Freelance Community Dance Artist (FCDA) to deliver a 10 week programme of creative dance activities under the theme “Our Diversity is our Strength” 


Workshops will take place as part of DQDT’s established programme of Saturday classes and will conclude with an informal showing of the work and themes explored.: 

Mini Movers 4-7 year olds

Funky Feet 8 - 11 year olds

Connect Youth Dance 12 - 18 year olds


A fee of £2000 is being offered for the planning and delivery of the programme of workshops (£200 per day). General and small administration tasks will be required as part of the contract of work. The promotion, registration and space confirmation of the programme will be managed in association with DQDT. Workshop delivery will be supported by DQDT volunteers. 

The programme of work has been made possible as a result of funding from the Community Relations Council and is being delivered under specific themes as agreed with CRC. The successful applicant will be supported by Artistic Director Dylan Quinn to ensure the workshops delivered fulfil the themes of the Community Relations Council CR/CD Scheme:


1. To develop opportunities for groups to explore their own cultures, beliefs and traditions, thus increasing their capacity to develop relationships of trust with those of different traditions and values.


2. To develop opportunities for groups to extend their knowledge and understanding of others’ cultures, beliefs, and traditions - increasing their acceptance of and respect for diversity.


If you are interested in working with Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre as FCDA please forward a brief application letter and CV to Please ensure in your application letter/CV you detail your specific experience in relation to youth dance community facilitation and a brief paragraph explaining why you are interested in the project. 

Period of work : Saturdays January - March 2023

Closing Date for application : 18th November


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