Magical Movers


Magical Movers is a fun creative dance class for young children aged between 4 – 7. These dance classes will be a mixture of creative movement activities and games, and ballet skills. 

Over the course of the 9 weeks we will explore a theme or book which will help develop participant’s movement, co-ordination, interpersonal and communication skills as well as increasing their confidence.


In order to support children's positive creative, physical and mental well-being DQDT is committed to continuing to offer creative dance classes for young people at this difficult time. 

The classes will be adapted to make the most out for the circumstances and provide our young dancers with a positive creative experience. 


Spring Term - 8 weeks

Location: Lakeland Forum - Devenish Room 
Time:  11:00-11:45
Date: 30th April - 2nd July 2022 

Please note: There is no class on the 7th May or the 11th June 2022
Tutor: Anna Treanor

Assistant: Taeya Quinn, Raine Allen and Laura Armstrong


For more information please contact or call 02866328686.

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