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Standing Exercises:

Seated Exercises:


Welcome to our Contemporary dance exercises! 

These exercises came from a project called "The Challenge Fund'. South West Age Partnership (SWAP) has been working with Fermanagh & Omagh District Council FODC and Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre to deliver the Challenge Fund across the Fermanagh and Omagh district in the form of contemporary dance classes.  The classes were about celebrating and connecting cultural traditions, and creating opportunities to showcase art in our environment.  The main aims of the project were to provide a form of exercise, keep mind and body active and provide an environment for social inclusion within the community. Finally from the project we were to create a legacy, which are the following exercises, that are accessible to everyone, no matter what level, and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

The exercises are spilt into 2 groups: Standing and Seated - depending on mobility and fitness level you can choose which exercise to do. 

Enjoy and have fun!

The movement sequences are designed for gentle exercise and should not be overly strenuous however please check with your Doctor before undertaking any exercises if you have any health concerns.

Always start by going through the warm-up exercise.

Please ensure you have a clear enough area to undertake the movements and

only undertake as much as you feel comfortable with.


Stop if you feel unsure, unwell or dizzy. 


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